Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas for Students – 2022

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Writing an argumentative essay sounds like a simple task. You just have to persuade the audience that your position on the respective matter is more compelling. However, in reality, it is much more complicated than just penning down your opinion on the matter. With compelling opinions and arguments, you need to provide strong evidence and references to support your position.

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Do you know how important selecting the right argumentative essay topic is? But what are you going to do about it? What are you going to select?

Without solid reasoning and pieces of evidence, a professional writer cannot write an effective argumentative essay. Moreover, it becomes impossible if you do not have the right essay topic to start with.

 Well, do not fret about it. Here is a list of argumentative essay topics that you can choose from:

        Global warming is a hoax
        Climate change is a natural process
        Are expensive college degrees worth the cost?
        Student-athletes should be paid more than just a sports scholarship.
        Violence in video games is translating into real life
        Video games play an important role in the development of the brain
        Increasing screen times are responsible for increasing depression n the young generation
        Ironically social media is making us more lonely
        Social media is destroying the social values and principles
        Artificial intelligence is the future
        Genetic engineering should be banned
        Animal testing is animal cruelty
        Animal experimentation is expensive and faulty

The point you select ought to intrigue you. The subject ought to be current. The theme ought to be striking and proper to progressing developments. Exploit the need someone to write my essay services.

        Humans are good in nature
        Humans are selfish
        Drug abuse and criminal violence
        Marijuana should be legalized
        Marijuana is more effective than many the expensive medicines
        Test scores do not judge the competency of students fairly
        Should the government put a cap on the increasing tuition fees?
        Religion is an opium of mankind
        Happiness is not weighed by your bank balance
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        Money cannot buy you happiness
        Islam is a religion of peace
        Why should nuclear powers give up their nuclear weapons?
        Nuclear powers are the greatest threat to the human civilization
        Nuclear and radiological terrorism is the greatest threat to the mankind
        Nuclear energy should be used for the production of sustainable energy
        We need to cut down our carbon footprints at the individual level
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        Bullies should be expelled from educational institutions
        Bullies need not be punished but treated
        Abortion is a fundamental healthcare right of women
        Girls should be allowed to participate in college football teams
        The glass ceiling is keeping women from entering high offices
        Women are doing better than men
        Fast food is responsible for increasing obesity among the young generation
        The world has become a global village
        Is globalization receding?

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